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Welcome to Resume by Recruiter, LLC, your local career counseling and resume writing company based out of Boston, MA. If you are interested in making your resume stand out from the hundreds and thousands of others sent to employers daily, contact us to make your resume the best it can be. Directed by Matthew Liptak, a top social networking expert, we developed a resume system to produce the exposure and attention that you have been needing to give you that extra edge when competing for a job position. We help arrange the right strategy to fit your individual job searching needs and give you the confidence needed to get you the job.

Some of our versatile services include:

With over 25 years of experience in recruiting, human resources and the job search and hiring process, and with over 6 years of successful business, Resume by Recruiter, LLC can provide help to candidates with resume writing and interview coaching to get results from the hiring authority. We revitalized resumes, coach candidates in preparation for phone and in-person interviews, and teach job searching strategy for professionals ranging from entry level to executives in various disciplines spanning across several industries and corporate climates. Resume by Recruiter, LLC was started with the sole intention of providing reasonably priced services to job seekers in need of better search strategies. To take advantage of our exceptional career counseling and resume services, please contact Matthew Liptak at Resume by Recruiter, LLC, today.

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  • 9 Years Successful Business!
  • Over 25 Years Experience With Recruiting, Human Resources and the Job Search and Hiring Process
  • We Individualize Our Strategies For The Job Seekers' Needs

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